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wild boar Hunting tradition in Minangkabau

Posted By admin Friday, March 18, 2011

In the beginning of this tradition to ward off wild pigs that destroy fields of farmers in Ranah Minang. The tradition of hunting wild boar or kandiak is thought to have existed since the past ten centuries.

Number of unique traditions typical Minangkabau tribe, making the region a top of Bukit Barisan is nominated to be one of the world heritage area. Understandably, the wealth of Minangkabau tradition is very diverse. One of them kandiak tradition. Kandiak word in the local language meaning wild boar. That way, this tradition also referred to as hunting wild boar or wild boar.

The tradition of hog hunting in Ranah Minang is estimated to have lasted for generations, more than ten centuries ago. This tradition is also part of agrarian life in West Sumatra. Some people inherit Minang tradition because they hung the lives of agricultural products. Usually, upon entering the harvest, rice farmers are often disturbed by the presence of pig-wild boar. This disorder is obviously annoying.

Now, with the capture of wild pigs, they hope that the results obtained more abundant harvest. Although initially only to maintain yields, recent hog hunt would be a hobby for some people Minang. Not surprisingly, when later events take place every weekend hog hunt. The owners of dogs, usually already know the location to be addressed.

Appropriate customs and traditions, they must first hold a meeting. Like the great meeting, a respected traditional leaders of the hunter with customary symbols of betel nut. This meeting was more like a forum to exchange ideas. Not just ordinary farmers who were present at this event. Some village leaders (the unity of local communities in Minangkabau society) were usually made time to present to tighten the relationship.
In this deliberation, the dog owners usually voluntarily collect the money. And, the funds collected will be given to farmers who have a complaint. Usually, that money is used to treat a wounded dog while hunting. Or, create a replace-damaged rice farmers passed a hunting dog.

In a one-time hunting, dogs are usually able to catch two to five pigs. But considering the majority of Muslim Minangkabau society, the dog attacked a dead pig was never brought home by the hunters. The pigs were usually allowed to feed their dogs. Although sometimes taken to some particular island for sale.

That's a bit of a unique tradition of the Minangkabau. Of course, for some people, this tradition is questionable. Especially in the famous Minang Ranah maintain religious values ​​of Islam. They also uphold customary bersendikan religion: traditional jointed syarak, syarak jointed Qur'aan. And, for the Muslims, dog saliva is unclean and forbidden pork dimakan.Akan However, the tradition is still tradition. For the Minangkabau, the tradition is the ancestral heritage which deserves to be preserved and conserved.

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