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Istana Bung Hatta : Bukittinggi, West Sumatra

Posted By admin Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ini adalah foto istana bung hatta, this is a image of istana bung hatta west sumatra
Many tourists visit the town of Bukittinggi, about 93 km north of Padang, West Sumatra, to wonder and even hardly believe in the existence of Istana Bung Hatta, who exactly was in front of the Clock Tower, its trade mark Bukit Tinggi.

Ignorance of many people, including people of West Sumatra alone, about the role and presence of Bung Hatta Hatta Palace in Bukit Tinggi, understandable, and understandable, because very rarely Indonesian history books to explain this.

Although his birthplace Hatta had a house in Bukit Tinggi, but during its existence in Sumatra, he settled in the house "Great Guest", which was then known as Tri Arga Building, Wisma Hatta, and the last was renamed Istana Bung Hatta. Bung Hatta Palace is the residence buildings of the former Dutch assistant resident in Bukit Tinggi. By Hatta used as a place of residence and at the same time as the Vice President of RI in Bukit Tinggi. From there Hatta led the struggle in Sumatra and held meetings with local leaders while learning pressing issues facing the general Sumatra, West Sumatra in particular.

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