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Bukittinggi : The Historic City

Posted By admin Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weather cool and friendly along the way Padang Lua, Agam regency, West Sumatra, can be directly felt when entering the Bukittinggi. For travelers, a welcome gate to sign into the cool temperate cities in West Sumatra.

Shade trees and various types of lodging, restaurants, and offices to deliver travelers to the zero point of the city. This area has just equated as the best tourist berfasilitas parallel to Denpasar and Toraja.

The zero point of the town of Bukittinggi starting from the highest peak in the city. It marked the 26 meter high tower bertahtakan at large, or known by the Clock Tower (Jam Gadang), which is an icon of tourism in West Sumatra.

Previously, the Clock Tower is expected to function as a watchtower during the Dutch occupation. The location of the Clock Tower was to be face to face with Bung Hatta Palace which is only about 300 meters.

When the Dutch occupation, the palace became the office secretary of Bukittinggi (Contoleur) Rook Maker. History records, Rook Maker was the one who planned and built this clock tower which was designed by an architect named Yazid Sutan Ameh in 1926.

The tower is decorated at great prizes Dutch Queen was built with funds for 3000 Gulden. Figures for the fantastic course at that time. First, the Clock Tower which faces leads to the four corners of the compass is the only the tallest building in Bukittinggi. But today, many other buildings such as hotels and shopping malls that rival the height of the tower clock.

Clock Tower noted an evolution of form, especially the top of the tower. When first built by the Dutch government, the top of this building is decorated with typical circular domed building with a statue of a rooster europe. During the Japanese occupation, the dome was replaced with pagoda roof as a symbol of the triumph of the Yellow Race.

Just at the time of independence, the peak Clock Tower roof was replaced with the form indicating gadang bergonjong Minangkabau culture. Figures pointer Clock Tower characterized by roman numerals. Uniquely, the Roman number IV is written differently with the IIII.

Pleased to see the beauty of the Clock Tower, brothels can be done to a number of other historic places in Bukittinggi. Most of this area is near Bung Hatta Palace which was used as offices by proclamator independence. From the office of the court left-wing two-story building-the obvious natural beauty of three mountain panorama: Marapi, Singgalan, Sago.

Not far from Bung Hatta Palace, visitors can tread on the path toward home birth Upper Market The Proclaimers. Navigate the streets packing the Upper Market area, a staircase will connect visitors with the Lower Market. The rather steep stairs is often called the local people with the name 'long and slender 40' (steps 40).

Name this ladder does not indicate the number of steps that will be pursued. If counted, the numbers are much larger than its name. Once in the Markets Down, around 300 meters to the Payakumbuh, there is a two-story house of interest to visit.

Beranyaman rattan walls and the foundation is supported by permanent buildings. Two-story wooden house is a home birth and place of Bung Hatta this proclaimer spent his childhood. In the back of the house there are two barns and 'garase' carriage had family Bung Hatta.

Some furniture such as desks, chairs, cabinets, beds to sleep Bung Hatta was born, and the reading room is styled like the original proclaimer. The photos Bung Hatta and his bike Ontel can be found here.

Satisfied walk in this historic building site, the journey can continue to navigate the canyon area on the road Sianok Panorama. From the residence of Bung Hatta, wagon can bring visitors back to the heart of the city-region the Clock Tower.

From the Clock Tower, the journey can be continued by walking down the paved road to the Panorama which is about one kilometer. The beauty of the canyon Sianok often used as a tourist to enjoy the sunset. Satisfied enjoy the beauty of the city, a number of lodging by price range can be used as a place to stay visitors through the night.

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