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Nokia, Gillette, Honda ? Why is everyone calling them?

Posted By admin Friday, March 25, 2011

Why do I have to write this post's title with trademarks mentioned above? It is closely associated with customer loyalty and how to embed the company brand image in consumers' brains.

Many communities, including in West Sumatra, was used to refer to a specific object by calling its brand as an identifier directly. Like the Honda, the majority of the people here will refer to as the Honda motorcycle. Although in reality it is not brand motorcycle Honda (For example, Yamaha), but are not aware of all motorcycle called Honda (Slang Minang: Onda)

Likewise with Gillette, here they use the word "silet" a spelling change due to adoption into words in bahasa Indonesian from word "Gillette". All the razor will be called by the name of a razor blade (or Gillette!)

What about mobile products? although not join terpangaruh by brand image (brand) but the people here are still loyal to nokia. Although Nokia in assault by new products coming from china and cheap. However it is the recommendation remained fixed on the purchase of Nokia mobile phones.

The sturdy brand image apart from the good quality of products is also caused by tersebutlah brand, which first appeared for a single product. So to facilitate the introduction of direct course they mention brand

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