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Bareh Solok: Solok The City of Rice

Posted By admin Friday, March 25, 2011

Solok is one area in West Sumatra. Solok has been divided into several sections, among others; South Solok, Solok and Solok district. Third part was equally famous for producing delicious rice. Solok town itself is a place that produces the most rice because the majority of the population are farmers and almost every family has a rice field that produces rice. Because of that many many people often refer to this city as the City Bareh which means the City of Rice.

Rice Bareh Solok Solok which means we can say that comes from rice or rice from Solok Solok area. But the truth is not only that, there's still more interesting reason why called Bareh Solok.

The majority of Indonesian people know that Bareh Solok is famous for delicious rice in West Sumatra compared with other regions. Bareh Solok has its own distinctive cirri which makes it different from the others. Even when compared to other regions outside West Sumatra, such as Java and its surroundings, it's typical cirri unbiased defeated. Can be proved that in some places outside West Sumatra has a Restaurant which specialized in providing Bareh Solok.
That is why it is called Bareh Solok because most delicious rice compared with other regions is produced in the land of Solok.

Let us distinguish eating rice from Solok rice with the other! It must be very different. Rice Solok produce rice that is soft and not sticky like other rice. If we eat it certainly felt like added, added and added.

There are among others such as rice Solok Ceredek, Pandan Wangi, Cisokan, Batang Lembang, Domains Kuniang, 42, and other more famous delicious, rice Solok it is "child daro". Rice Solok daro child is quite interesting. If seen, the grains of rice are very small as the harvest of early rice, but do not worry if the rice will produce a little rice, rice opposite Solok daro child is like magic or the magic just because after the cooked rice will be fluffy. So no need to wear a lot of rice to produce rice that much anyway.

Not just because of course, rice Solok this daro child tastes better than other Solok rice so that no bias is disclosed more in words how good. Rice Solok daro child is the most perfect rice quality.

For the rice that has been known to many people, is it possible there is no award? Of course, many awards for this Solok berfariasi Bareh shape.
Awards that often we do not realize that this diistimewakannya Bareh Solok. Many of Minang people who go abroad, there are many Restaurants in place that specialized in providing Bareh Solok. That bias means that Bareh Solok rantauan very privileged in that area. Because rice is very privileged, this rice has a high sales value of the starting 8,000 up to 10,000 rupiah per kg for now.

Once we know the origin of the name Bareh Solok, awards and what makes it good, then we as the people of Indonesia in particular should be proud because Minang people have incomes of rice which is famous enough, we even have more meningkatkann income and quality of this rice, rice is often we call the "Bareh Solok."

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