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Syeikh Muhammad Jamil Jaho

Posted By admin Monday, March 14, 2011

Jaho is a small area located at the ferry hill, between the border regions of Aceh, Padang Panjang and Tanah Datar, Minangkabau (West Sumatra). Area cool and beautiful, earthy people, and live in harmony and peace.

In the midst of that beautiful area, was born a very charismatic cleric. He is Shaykh Muhammad Jamil Jaho, who is often called Buya Jaho, or Inyiak Jaho, or Angku Jaho. Thus his name is remembered by many dikennal and Minang society.

Inyiak Jaho was born in 1875 in Jaho. His father Datuk title Garang who came from the State mining, Padang Panjang. The father had served as a Qadi area. His mother, was a respected woman in the midst of society.

Muhammad jamil grew up in the middle of a strong family run tradition and religion. decorated with the feel of her childhood religion is very strong. He studied the Koran and books of reconciliation (Malay-language books written in Arabic characters) from his own father. Thanks to the intelligence and sincerity, at the age of 13 years, Jamil Muahmmad had memorized the Quran and the contents of the book of reconciliation.

Looking at the intelligence and seriousness Muhammad Jamil, the father then took the initiative to mengjarinya yellow books. In a few short enough time, Muhammad Jamil able to digest the intent contained in the book bare, and capable to master the Arabic language, either orally or in writing. Background of this pious family, which makes Muahmmad Jamil always thirst for religious knowledge, so he went on his knowledge pengaisan to Minang great scholars at that time.

Muhammad jamil more and grow as a person who always thirst for religious knowledge. then he went away to boarding school science Halaqah or Majlis al-Sheikh Jufri in Mountain King, Stone White, Padang Pajang. During the study in the lap of Sheikh al-Jufri, Muhammad Jamil showed perseverance and intelligence so that he became beloved disciple of the Sheikh. Religious knowledge he has Kais was more and more.

After completing study at boarding Halaqah Sheikh al-Jufri in 1893, Muhammad Jamil continue their education to a scholar renowned jurist, Sheikh al-Ayyubi in Cape Bungo, Padang Ganting. In his new boarding school is a close friend Muhammad Jamil Sulaiman al-Rusuli, who later became a famous Sheikh from Minang land. Both are students who are good at, and learn from Sheikh al-Ayyubi for six years. After that, they continue to Biaro mengaji Tuo Town, a gathering precise Minang great scholars, like Sheikh Abdus Shamad, Faqih Shagir, and others.

In 1899, Muhammad Jamil and Sulaiman al-Apostolic moved Halaban mengaji to Sheikh Abdullah, a renowned scholar who advanced knowledge Minang Jurisprudence and Principles of Fiqh. In college Sheikh Muhammad Jamil Halaban is believed to be a teacher (religious teacher) and a personal assistant Halaban sheikh who often brought to the recitation of Minang-lectures around the country.

In 1908, over Muhammad Jamil thirst for knowledge of religion, he went to Makkah Mukarramah to perform the pilgrimage and to earn a science. Before leaving the holy land, Muhammad Jamil dipersuntingkan with ferryboat girl named Saidah, who later gave to two daughters named Samsiyyah and Syafiah. Before leaving for the holy land, the uncle of Muhammad Jamil, Datuk Bagindo Malano gave his inheritance "Pakiah Bagindo Malano", an honorary degree.

In Mecca, Sheikh Jamil Khatib studied the Minangkabau, a son of the host who became a priest, preacher, as well as mufti of the Shafi'i madhhab in Masjid al-Haram. In Mecca, he met and studied with Sheikh Abdul Karim Amrullah (father Buya Hamka). Both the beloved disciple of Sheikh Khatib, and given the honor to guide and teach other students.

Muhammad Jamil studied in Mecca for 10 years. During that time he also has obtained three diplomas ilmiyyah of three great scholars in Mecca at that time, namely Sheikh Ahmad Khatib Minangkabau (professor of Shafi'i madhhab), Sheikh Alwi al-Maliki (Maliki madhhab professor), and Sheikh Mukhtar al -Affani (professor of the Hanbali madhhab).

Upon returning from the Holy Land, Sheikh Jamil became renowned and respected scholars because of the depth of his knowledge and his personal kesolehan. In 1922, together Rusuli sheikh al-Sulaiman and Sheikh Abdul Karim, he established the Union of Islamic Scholars and college Thawalib Minangkabau.

At the same hometown, sheikh Muhammad jamil open Halaqah recitation that many visited by the scavengers science. It later became the Madrasah halaqah Tarbiyyah Islamiyyah Jaho.

Sheikh Muhammad Jamil Jaho Inyiak died on November 2, 1945. He left many valuable rich who become torches ummah in the future, namely Tadzkiratul Qulub fil Muraqabah 'Allamul Ghuyub, Nujumul Hidayah, as-Syamsul Lami'ah, fil' Aqidah wad Diyanah, Hujjatul Baligha, al-Maqalah ar-Radhiyah, Kasyful Awsiyah , and others.

** A. Ginandjar Sha'ban, taken from the Preamble Tadzkirah book written by Sheikh al-Jamil Qulub Jaho

source: http://www.nu.or.id

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