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Weaving Pandai Sikek (Pandai Sikek Songket)

Posted By admin Sunday, March 20, 2011

In this village belle who became a source of income for local communities is as artisans weaving or songket. Motifs woven in the villages is always taken from the example of old fabrics that are still stored properly and is often used as clothing in traditional ceremonies and for other functions within the scope of traditional ceremonies, such as tando and also on display at the time batagak ( built) home. Pandai weaving motifs Sikek believed to be the original motifs on woven fabrics Sikek Pandai women in ancient times.

Pandai Sikek is one of the villages which belong to the districts Ten Koto, Tanah Datar, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Nagari is located near Batusangkar, the capital city of Tanah Datar district.Pandai Nagari Sikek also known as a place of artisans weaving, and is appreciated by the government of the Republic of Indonesia in the figure 5,000 rupiah currency denominations.
To make a songket longest took five months. The result was very nice and smooth. The price could reach Rp 10 million. There is also songket made only within ten days and what you get with the price of 200 thousand.

Various shades of fabric too Pandai Sikek songket origin of this West Sumatra. There is a motive pucuak rabuang, stem nut, stacking siriah, sirangkak, nails Rabah and spinach. Name the motive was just a small part. Noted, motif model that can reach 1100 species. In one songket, these motives combined, resulting in a beautiful songket model.

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