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Various culinary West Sumatra

Posted By admin Friday, March 25, 2011

Sanjai Crackers (Kerupuk Sanjai or Karupuak Sanjai)
This crispy chips cassava chips are more crunchy texture. sanjai chips this is a special food that comes from bukittinggi. sanjai very precise chips enjoyed when relaxing with your family dear

Shrimp Rakik Saia (Rakik Udang Saia)
Rakik, language Peyek grazing areas. In Java we often encounter dent / peanut brittle, Rakik saia shrimp made of flour mixed with seasoned shrimp saia / shrimp finely. Saia shrimp Rakik different than others, with a lot of shrimp and crunchy snacks that one can rely on.

Rakik Nuts (Rakik Kacang)
Rakik bean rakik similar to shrimp, which is made of seasoned flour, it's just basic ingredients mixed nuts rakik nuts.

Dried Cow Crackers (Karupuak Jangek)
Karupuak jangek is food made of dried cow hide. Treatment process that takes a long time, making the price is quite expensive crackers.

Dakak - Dakak
Dakak dakak choice is made from sweet cassava and processed with a very tasty spice turmeric to be used as snacks

Galamai Payakumbuh
Galamai is one small meal with a basis of glutinous rice flour, palm sugar and coconut milk from the region of West Sumatra. Galamai made from glutinous rice flour that is cooked with coconut milk with sugar cane or palm sugar using a very large skillet. These foods are usually produced for weddings and other traditional party or holiday.
Galamai usually made by way of share work because it requires a lot of power to stir the batter in large numbers and a long time. The result of eating this dish-shaped black colored shiny and sweet.

Karak Kaliang
Karak kaliang is one of the typical snacks of West Sumatra with a sense of sweet and savory onion and sweet potato flour is made from choice.

Banana Barbeque (Pisang Salai)
Do not be fooled by the "appearance" of food one ini.Dengan process of making the rather complicated and long, ranging from traditional fogging or fumigation with sulfur to the process of drying with sun-dried for 5-7 days, producing a distinctive taste and savory.

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